Although it was years ago, it seems like yesterday I was introduced to dual sport riding. For years I had ridden street bikes and was excited to emerge from the limitations plaguing the other motorcycle genres. As I rode more, I became more adventurous and eager to explore deeper into the areas which were now accessible. However, encountering moments of uncertainty and elevated risk quickly helped me realize the benefits of riding with a buddy. So, I began inviting along other dual sport riders and after several rides it was clear; riding with others allowed for a more enjoyable experience. Riding together meant that we could fully embrace the adventure knowing that there was someone there to help at a moment's notice.  
    Over time, we've shared epic adventures, helped one another with bike issues, gathered our families together for events, created countless memories and have been there for each other on as well as off the trail.  Through it all; buddies became brothers and California Dual Sport Riders was born.
    Years later, after assembling this diverse club of close bonded, shenanigan loving, adventure inspired, dual sport riders; I realize how lucky we are to share this bond and ride locations most will never see. Because of this, it has become CDSR's goal to assist the existing community by providing product reviews, ride recommendations and much more.  Lastly, we will hope to inspire more riders (& potential riders) to discover dual sport / adventure motorcycling by sharing our ride content, thoughts, views and experiences.  

Welcome to our ride,                      

Some of our CORE VALUES:

  • Respect (for other riders, public and the beautiful land we are able to enjoy while aboard two wheels)
  • Willingness to be there for your crew and other riders that may need support 
  • Appreciation for your machine and the joy it brings to you
  • Pursuit of new experiences & adventure
  • Continuous effort to improve your riding abilities & tackle new challenges
  • The intention to go on good rides with great friends
  • True enthusiasm for the community that makes up and has built dual sport, adventure, enduro & all related categories of riding