QCC Countdown!








Our Quarterly Club Cruise is proudly sanctioned by the AMA! The upcoming QCC will be held in Big Bear on Saturday 6/10/23! This QCC will benefit the Blue Ribbon Coalition and their fight for nationwide trail access!    


Quarterly Club Cruise (QCC)

The QCC is a meet up created to bring riders together  in support of crucial organizations and nonprofits in the two wheeled community.! 

The meet up consists of fun trails, challenging terrain, good laughs, camp games and an optional BBQ. Spots are limited, so if you’re interested in riding , please read through the minimum requirements and lock down your spot!

For your exclusive invite, join up now using the link below!

Invites for this round are limited to riders who are official CDSR members and their families.

-Novice to advanced experience riding levels welcome! (different loop recommendations available at each level)
-DUAL SPORTS or Dirt Bikes
*with dirt oriented tires

    *with a spark arrestor

    *In completely reliable running condition (don’t be the one with the broken down bike)


-Okay with being photographed or filmed during ride to document the epic-ness of the day!

-All attendees must understand that this is a ride at your own risk meet up and no medical support is provided. 

If you meet the minimum requirements and are interested in receiving an invite or just supporting the fight to keep our trails open, tap the button below!

BBQ Support for this QCC has been provided by…

Check out these other great organizations we sponsor and/or have donated thousands to in support of their fight for two wheeled access!

Disclaimer: California Dual Sport Riders do not own, control or posses race premises and makes no assurances about the safety of course, area, equipment or other aspect of the meet up. California Dual Sport Riders do not endorse or make assurances about your safety if you attend or participate in these meet ups. California Dual Sport Riders provide the information below purely to as notification of the meet up, to the extent we posses that information. You assume any and all risks/dangers associated with participating and spectating in this meet up. This is a ride at your own risk meet up as is all meet ups conducted by the California Dual Sport Riders. Because of the current COVID-19 climate, you must understand/assume any related risks. We encourage responsible behavior and social distancing, but we are not responsible for any/all virus related issues.